Become a web developer: what are the skills needed to achieve it?

Become a web developer: what are the skills needed to achieve it?
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Web development is important because it allows you to attract new customers from the Internet or automate processes that speed up your response to the market as well as reduce operating costs.

The increasing use of the internet for daily tasks and entertainment has made web development one of the most sought after skills in the tech industry today. In addition, it has become quite a lucrative career due to the need for companies and brands to have websites that represent them to their customers and the world. But what are the skills or abilities necessary to become an excellent web developer?

Web development does not necessarily imply its design. It involves the coding and programming of the same in which we can find three stages:

  1. Coding or development of the front-end, that is, what we see when entering any site.
  2. Back-end programming. It refers to what we do not see, that is, what is behind a web (the internal).
  3. Database technology – Storage.

In a nutshell, the role of a web developer is to build and maintain websites. In the field of web development, the following technologies are used:

  • HTML web design.
  • JavaScript, to create front-end code using ReactJS.
  • In server side programming, NodeJS is used.
  • In addition to PHP, Java, and Ruby, web developers use many other technologies.

A developer is one who:

  • Maintains and develops web sites and applications.
  • Creates websites based on web designs.
  • Develops a clear understanding of the vision by collaborating with clients, stakeholders, and designers.
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Skills needed to be a good web developer

The skills needed to become a successful web developer vary depending on your role. Here are some of the essential skills of a web developer:

  • Full handling of HTML.
  • Domain of various programming languajes such as JavaScript or Kotlin.
  • Have knowledge about PHP.
  • Management of different databases such as MySQL and MongoDB that store data for web applications.
  • Frameworks: JavaScript, Ruby, Python
  • Utilities: Unix and Git
  • Cloud infrastructure: Azure, Google Cloud, AWS
  • Databases: SQL
  • Programming languages: Java, Ruby, JS, HTML/CSS, PHP, Python.

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