Web 3.0 - The reinvention of the Internet.

Web 3.0 - The reinvention of the Internet.
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In the constant advance in the technological world we live in, a new idea has been born, the web 3.0, capable of interpreting and interconnecting a greater number of data.

In a world in which we increasingly introduce more technologies and new terms to our lives as they are; NFT, Blockchain, Smart contracts, Tokens, etc. Web 3.0 is coming to us, which is (simple words) the "third version" of the internet we know. It comes with the promise of decentralizing content control, enabling new AI processes, welcoming the metaverse, and including cryptocurrencies as its main payment model.

In today's article, we'll explain to you what is web 3.0, what it offers and what are its characteristics.

What is Web 3.0?

It is the third generation of web services focused on understanding and analyzing data to provide a semantic web. The goal is to create a more intelligent, connected, open network that adapts to each user. Although it has not yet been implemented, web 3.0 is already a topic that is receiving a lot of attention within the technological world.

This idea was born from the need to help users find information in a specific, fast and personalized way since, in the midst of the great avalanche of information that we have, web 3.0 tries to provide the user with much closer experiences.

We are talking about a technological evolution, applying new languages, new search and storage techniques. Combining machine learning with big data, it is intending to normalize the stored information, so that searches can be carried out with a language similar to a natural one. This union allows us to obtain reliable information quickly. Basically, it is about making the machines in charge of searching and discovering the information for us.

In a certain way we can already observe these changes. When accessing a website, we obtain advertising according to our browsing experiences. Or the news that appears to us is related to our interests. In short, Web 3.0 seeks to build a more intelligent web, taking into account our tastes, preferences, habits and even the context.


  1. Crypto: It is true that Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are gradually being introduced into the current economic model. However, in web 3.0 it is conceived as the reward method for content creators, giving greater weight to these authors, who would receive a token every time someone accesses their material. The process is conceived through smart contracts and they will be used to power different actions, such as transactions, censorship-resistant P2P file storage or application sharing. It would mean a total revolution in the way companies do their operations, in addition to empowering users and creators.
  2. Artificial Intelligence: AI is the key in the process in which the Internet provides us (currently and in the future) with information. This new version promises to validate and deliver information faster to users around the world.
  3. Metaverse: This new version of the Internet could seamlessly integrate with this virtual universe, allowing 3D website designs, as well as adding IoT devices to its edge.
  4. Machine Learning (personalization and intelligent searches): in this version 3.0, the web would adapt to each person, analyzing the data and personalizing the results.
  5. Ubiquity: Web 3.0 holds the promise of an Internet accessible to everyone anywhere and at any time, without depending on the connection to computers or smartphones, relying largely on IoT sensors.

Currently the Web 3.0 is a project that comes to meet the need for a more intelligent version of the Internet, where user searches are more specific and are carried out in a more familiar language. Only time and technological advances will decide the future of this new Internet model, although this moment is reminiscent of the transition from Web 1.0 to 2.0, so there are many reasons to believe that this model will be implemented.

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