Turbo: our unique agile methodology that improves costs, quality of results and development times.

Turbo: our unique agile methodology that improves costs, quality of results and development times.

As Albert Einstein rightly said: “everything must be simplified as much as possible, but no more”. Through Turbo everything is more effective, agile and of course simple.

At e·Saurio we are characterized by being focused on our clients and the achievement of their objectives at all times. Being technology experts, we specialize in the development of mobile applications that satisfy the requirements and needs of users and that also provide unique experiences.

To obtain these results while guaranteeing the best cost-benefit ratio and reduced development times, we decided to create our own software development methodology and today we want you to learn more about it and how it can benefit you.

What is Turbo?

It is an Enterprise / SaaS application development framework that is optimized for building mobile and web applications. Turbo contemplates the sum of:

  • Tech stack.
  • Architecture.
  • Framework.
  • Work methodology.
  • Development standards.
  • Rad: Rapid Application Development.

Our main objective is to increase the performance of the work team to the maximum, making 80% of our efforts focus on the 20% most critical of the development phase.

Turbo - Agile Methodology

Thanks to this, we can:

  • Reduce development costs.
  • Produce higher quality results.
  • Shorten delivery times.
  • Facilitate the incorporation of new programmers to our agile cell.
  • Improve code quality.
  • Reduce dependency on “key” developers.
“By creating Turbo, we are not reinventing the wheel. We are simply filling in the gaps left by using the existing ecosystem of state-of-the-art tools.” – Pablo Giménez, CBO e·Saurio.

Key Components

Our key components are 3:

  1. Architecture. In this section we focus on developments that are multiplatform (web, desktop, Android, iOS) taking into account scalability, flexibility, maintainability, audits, performance and security.
  2. Standardization. Here we standardize the use of good practices, the development processes, the UI components to be used and the user experience.
  3. Code generation. We are based on current marketing standards and we generate templates for the most common tasks such as CRUDs, reports, forms, among others. In addition, we reuse components which allows us to reduce efforts in QA since we have full knowledge of the functionalities and feasibility of each development.

The Turbo methodology is 100% proven and its main success story is our own development product QuartzSales, and now it is available to you; so that you no longer think of software development as a long and tedious process but as something agile, truly functional and safe in terms of the development of MVPs, Apps and SaaS Products.

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