Chat GPT: What is it and what does it come to contribute?

Chat GPT: What is it and what does it come to contribute?
Chat GPT - Open AI

Internet, artificial intelligence, machine learning... the 4.0 revolution is here and now.

Every day more applications and gadgets appear that come to facilitate both our work and our daily lives. When we look back and think about the technological evolution that many of us have seen happen, it is impossible not to be surprised. Those of us born in the last century (XIX) still remember that emotion we felt when having a computer at home for the first time, or how amazed we were when the internet began to be part of our lives; the doors it opened for us were many. Little did we know that a few decades later we would be talking about terms like "artificial intelligence" or "machine learning"; that our houses could be controlled by voice commands or that we can simply have a conversation with a device or software that can even make us laugh if we ask it to tell us a joke.

So, today Chat GPT comes to us, the most commented tool of the moment, attracting attention both on social networks and in the media. Chat GPT has meant a before and after in the world of artificial intelligence, going beyond scientific and specialized fields to surprise the whole of society.

What is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT is an Artificial Intelligence application developed by OpenAI. This software generates natural responses to user questions and comments, based on previously stored content data. In addition, it can also learn from users' conversation patterns to provide even more relevant answers to both complex and logical questions. Since its release, people have been experimenting to discover everything that Chat GPT can and cannot do and today we are going to tell you about some of the possibilities it offers.

Chat GPT is one of those tools whose full functions are yet to be discovered; but, initially, the idea is that you speak to it and ask for what you want, the tool will be able to provide you with a quick and precise solution. The simplest thing is to ask it to explain anything, event or concept, and the AI will do it through the data with which it has been trained.

Up to this point we may think that it looks like Google Assistant, Siri, Bixby or any other virtual assistant but no. Chat GPT will help you write complete articles giving you the option of being able to ask for a maximum number of characters or words explaining the topic of your choice. You can also ask it to write these texts in a certain way. For example, you can ask them to script you a YouTube or TikTok script and do it in a specific tone like casual or more serious, or even do it in the tones of certain regions. Make it Argentine!

GPT Chat and Software Development

An extremely important feature of Chat GPT within the world of software development is the ability to write lines of code. Yes, as you read it, Chat GPT writes for you everything related to the language, including the programming language.

Web development
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In this regard, its level of precision is not such that it can supplant software developers, however it is something that opens a window to the future, allowing us to see how technology offers us more and better tools with each passing day so that we can be more agile and more productive.

Currently, the possibilities offered by Chat GPT are being explored; You can ask for lists of web pages or the best tools for a certain task, advice on which device to buy (mobile, laptop, etc.), ask questions related to general knowledge, trivia, translations, definitions, explanations, and everything else you can think of. Until now, nothing is final with Chat GPT and we must wait to see how it evolves, but doing it quickly could change many things that we take for granted today. What do you think?

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