Develop apps? These are the programming languages you should know.

Develop apps? These are the programming languages you should know.

Order food at home, pay your bills, communicate with your loved ones, attend work meetings, play a little... whatever your need, there is a mobile application designed to meet it.

Yesterday, like every September 13 (or 12 if it is a leap year), the programmer's day was celebrated. People who through codes and labels manage to interconnect the world and simplify our lives.

We owe the celebration of this day to Valentin Balt, a young Russian, who in 2002 worked for the web design company Parallel Technologies, who asked the Ministry of Communications of his country to promulgate the date and it was chosen due to that September 13 is the 256th day of the year, which, in turn, is the maximum of numbers that can be represented with 8 bits; as well as being the maximum power of 2 that can be expressed within a limit of 365.

On September 11, 2009, the president of Russia, Dmitri Medvédev authorized that this date be taken by the programmers to celebrate his day, since then many other countries have been added.

Currently there are many profiles of programmers and they differ from each other by the type of language they use, as well as by the final product they develop. Today, we want to focus on mobile application programming, so we will be telling you all about the different programming languages used in this area.

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Mobile Developer.

When we talk about the mobile developer, we refer to the person who is in charge of the development, maintenance and implementation of the source code that integrates the applications so that they run on our mobile devices, whether they are smartphones or tablets. If we take into account the value of the smartphone as a fundamental tool to manage practically all aspects of our lives, we cannot ignore the fact that mobile development is key in our times.

The mobile app programming profession is currently in high demand for jobs in technology development organizations. Even professionals in the field can work autonomously by creating their own apps and selling them independently. To develop diverse applications, it is convenient to have capabilities in the different programming languages used for this purpose.

5 Programming Languages for Mobile Development.

Regardless of the device, to create an app for iOS or Android you must know the programming languages currently used; Below we present the 5 languages that are most in demand today.

  1. Java: It is characterized by its speed, ease of use, as well as its wide range of possibilities. There are many examples of applications made in Java, such as Twitter, Netflix or Uber, among others.
  2. Kotlin: One of the most widely used programming languages ​​for Android mobile devices due to its intuitive, simple and effective code. It was designed to work in conjunction with Java; however, for a few years, Google has recommended it for the development of Android applications.
  3. Python: Mobile applications with Python stand out for their code. Python makes it easier for programmers or computer engineers, since fewer lines of code are used than in the case of Java, for example. In this way, if we want to use this language to make apps; you need to use Kivy or a cross-platform application development kit that uses Python.
  4. JavaScript: This is the most recommended for creating multiplatform apps. It is fast, versatile, simple and stands out for its functionality. In addition, it deals with improving the user experience, thanks to its interactivity.
  5. Swift: An example of programming language for iPhone is, without a doubt, Swift. This language created by Apple no longer only works with apps for iOS, but also works for Windows, Linux or macOS. Swift is an open source language.

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